"The power to promote and reward, as also to demote and punish the individual and his fate in this world, lies within his mind, its thoughts and feelings. No external agency is necessary to bring this infallible fruition. As the growth and development of a seed, an embryo, or a cell designed and preserved by its own inner makeup, here too the causal forces for what one rightly deserves lurk within one’s own invisible bosom."

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Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha


Verses for Introspection

02 - का चिन्ता मम जीवने
What anxiety can be there

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का चिन्ता मम जीवने यदि हरिर्विश्वम्भरो गीयते
नो चेदर्भकजीवनाय जननीस्तन्यं कथं निःसरेत् ।।
इत्यालोच्य मुहुर्मुहुर्यदुपते लक्ष्मीपते केवलं
त्वत्पादाम्बुजचिन्तनेन सततं कालो मया नीयते ।।

kā cintā mama jīvane yadi harir-viśvambharo gīyate
no ced-arbhaka-jīvanāya jananīstanya
katha nisaret |
ityālocya muhurmuhur-yadupate lak
mīpate kevala
tvatpādāmbuja-cintanena satata
kālo mayā nīyate ||

 - Chaanakyaneeti


“What anxiety can there be in my life if the Lord (Hari) is praised or known as all-pervading and all-sustaining? Or else (if the Lord is not all sustaining), how mother’s breast shall secrete for (saving and nourishing) the life of the newborn? Pondering over this truth again and again, O Lord (Yadupati or Krishna, Lakshmipati or Vishnu), time is spent by me remaining exclusively, in the constant thought of Your Lotus-feet.”

Points for Introspection:

• In our life we depend upon many things like money, power, relatives, name, fame, etc. thinking that these will protect us and help us in life. Any fear of lacking these brings worry and anxiety to the mind.

• We forget that God is the Supreme support in life. From the time a child is born, it is God who supplies milk to the mother’s breast, feeds the little baby. We do not have any role in that; neither do we have to remind God for doing so. It is His most natural way to look after his creation. Remembering that we are created by Him and hence He is the one who will look after our supreme wellbeing, we should rely upon Him fully without giving any place in our mind to worry or anxiety. Remembering His holy lotus feet alone and surrendering at those holy feet, we should spend time in this earth and not otherwise.

• Chanting of this shloka throughout the day in the midst of all activities removes unwanted worries reminding us of those holy lotus feet where we can take all our worries and be relieved.

Word Meaning:

का (kā) – what; चिन्ता (cintā) – anxiety, anxious thought; मम (mama) – my; जीवने (jīvane) – in life; यदि (yadi) – if; हरिः (hari) – Lord Hari; विश्वम्भरः (viśvambhara) – all-bearing, all sustaining; गीयते (gīyate) – is praised; नो चेद्(no ced) – if not; अर्भकजीवनाय (arbhakajīvanāya) – for the (sustenance of the) life of the child (newborn); जननीस्तनयं (jananīstanyam) – mother’s breast; कथं (katham) – how; निःसरेत् (nisaret) – shall flow, secrete; इति (iti) – thus, in this manner; आलोज्य (ālocya) – pondering, reflecting upon; मुहुर्मुहुः (muhurmuhu) – again and again; यदुपते (yadupate) – Lord of the Yadus, Krishna; लक्ष्मीपते (lakshmīpate) – Lord of Lakshmi; केवलं (kevalam) – exclusively, alone, only; त्वत् पादाम्बुजचिन्तनेन (tvat pādāmbujacintanena) – by the thought of your Lotus feet; सततं (satatam) – always, constantly; कालः (kāla) – time; मया (mayā) – by me; नीयते (nīyate) – is led.


का चिन्ता मम जीवने यदि हरिः विश्वन्भरः गीयते । नो चेद् अर्भकजीवनाय जननीस्तनयं कथं निःसरेत् । हे यदुपते, हे लक्ष्मीपते मुहुर्मुहुः इति आलोच्य केवलं त्वत् पादाम्बुजचिन्तनेन सततं कालः मया नीयते ।

Kā cintā mama jīvane yadi hari viśvambhara gīyate. no ced arbhakajīvanāya jananīstanyam katham nisaret. hey yadupate, hey lakshmīpate muhurmuhu  iti ālocya kevalam  tvat pādāmbujacintanena satatam kāla mayā nīyate.

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