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Thousand prostrations to Revered Swamiji.

Today watching morning TV on Disha, I fully understood God is source and pervades everything around us. Makes perfect sense to me.

But one question always crops up. Is He not present in a rapist, murderer etc also? How can I see God in these kind of people who torture innocent children, brutally murder and find joy in killing others. My intellect is not able to find logic of presence of God here. I am definitely missing something here. I am unable to link karmic laws of nature with seeing God in everyone. I have obviously not understood something. What am I missing here because I do believe that God is everywhere in visible and invisible form. God is everything around. Only this point is not clear. What am I missing here Respected Guruji?

Koti Koti pranams at your holy feet.



Dear and Blessed VR,

Your email of 22nd Oct. 2012 is before me and I am reading it again.

Dear VR, the moment you start understanding God to be Omnipresent, omnipresent omnipresent … your mind has to expand infinitely. The normal constrictions, preferences and prejudices, should not and will not have any place when you start reflecting upon the omnipresence of God. Will you accept a God who is not omnipresent? Can you accept something besides God, in addition to God?

If God is Omnipresent he alone is and nothing else is. In such a background, discuss this question in a deep manner. The Omnipotence of God makes him produce a world of infinite dimensions, infinite distances and infinite variety. Infinity or infinitude in any field will mean containing everything and all. Everything and all will mean necessarily good as well bad, the best as well as the worst and everything in between.

In the case of human beings, the behaviour will be a full range, ranging between the best and the worst. It is thus you find the wicked people including rapist in the world. Now in all these, the rapist as well as the raped, who is present is actually God. God is certainly present and in the circumferential level, in the segments in between, you will find all the variety possible. That is why virtuous and wicked people are alike present here. Unless this variety is there, comparison and contrast and the evolution of knowledge will not be possible at all. So when we say God is present in the rapist also, it does not mean he is not present (in the others). He is also present. Suppose the God is not present in the rapist then you will have to say somebody else is present, is that acceptable? Especially in the context of God's omnipresence?

So, try to check your emotions, think a little more further, in a subtle and a comprehensive manner, then you can understand this proposition. Unless good and bad are equally displayed before you, how will you know what to accept? And how will you know whether bad or good has the intrinsic power to win over the other and survive in a sovereign manner? So, I think, the world is always bound to contain the infinite variety that it should and in this variety everything is ranging between the best and the worst.

Love and ashirvaad.

Ma and Swami Nirviseshananda Tirthaji also send their loving best wishes.



Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha.


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