"Let not world-objects be your mind’s master. Let them be, if at all, subservient to the mind. To be spiritual is not to look for one’s delight and fulfillment in the objects of the world. The mind that causes delight through any object can also provide delight without such an object. Delight in reality belongs to the mind alone. It is verily mind’s own gift."

The Guiding force of Narayanashrama Tapovanam & Center for Inner Resources Development

Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha


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Quietitude of the Mind
Quietitude of the Mind
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Supreme Wisdom about human mind and its ultimate "Quietitude" - based on selected verses from Yogavasishtha Ramayana (Upasama Prakarana).



In this book the subject discussed throughout is the condensation of the Upasama prakarana of Yogavashishtha Ramayana, supplemented with in-depth discussions on important spiritual concepts. The word Quietitude denotes the transcendental serenity and poise of the mind by a process of enlightenment and sublimation. The attainment of this enlightened subjective depth and fullness empowers one to pursue activities to a far greater magnitude, nevertheless remaining anchored to the actionless Subject within. It has its unique sublimating influence on everything around, be it a place, a person or an event.


Extracts from the Book:


True spiritual attainment does not imply the cessation of activities or the getting away from the world. The real spiritual lesson which the man of the world needs for his progress and fulfillment is the one, by the merit of which he will be able to continue his normal life and functions, without losing himself under their weight and pressure. The secret of such a successful life lies in gathering enlightenment about the Soul of man, the nature of the world and the Ultimate fate of everything seen and heard…


* * *


Sat-sanga (holy association) is enlivening to all alike, to the seekers as well as to the perfect ones. There are different kinds of friendship and association for people. But the association with a noble Mahatma—a man of spiritual wisdom and realization—is par excellent in every way. Those who have been able to experience it but once will find everything else to be inferior and much lower in value and usefulness…


* * *


If you go engaging your mind and intelligence in thinking and reflecting about Space which comprehends within it all directions and dimensions, the practice will inevitably result in a steady growth and expansion of your inner being. The mind and intelligence of one generally remain narrow and shrunk because he does not initiate them into the right path of expansion. People do not, as a rule, care to think beyond their four walls. They live like the frog in the well. They refuse to recognize the grand existence of the myriads of other planets. Most of which are even more gigantic and amazing than this little earth upon which we have our dwelling…


* * *


The truth is that the Soul is present everywhere. As is it in the air, in water, in the wall, in slush and even in the particles of dust, so is it in the dead body as well. It is not the lack of the Soul’s presence that makes the body inactive and lifeless, but the last natural and irreparable defect or disorder of the body itself…



* * *

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