Human Excellence: Excellence is not an objective target or goal. It is a subjective quality or enrichment to be incorporated in the mind and intelligence of the performer. Excellence or any other enrichment depends upon the triple constituents of Intelligence, Integrity and Industry.

3 Functional Constituents: A Professional will become a wholesome excellential individual only when he is able to amalgamate the domestic and societal fronts with the professional perseverance and achievements.

Enlightened Outlook: Any adult performer to be excellent must be empowered by the enlightened outlook, which consists of attitude and vision. Enlightened outlook, to be so, will have to be stimulating to the intelligence, thereby evoking thoughtful reception and emulation from those around. Enlightened outlook rests on three strong pillars – Humility, Poise, and Moderation.

Realizing and Harnessing your Inner Resources: Embody excellence as a quality, enrichment, a character and coordinate in your very inner Being. Mind and Intelligence are the key to access your inner resources. Excellence is first generated in the mind. Only then it is displayed in your work or profession.

Strategic Perception and Integral Dimension: It is the art of thinking ahead and getting ready beforehand to welcome and assimilate any eventuality. Mergers of corporations, retrenchment in adverse market scenario, transfer from place of work, shifting to international arena from national front, etc. – in none of these, there should be surprise, resentment, shock or reluctance. On the other hand, there should be a readiness of the mind and intelligence to welcome whatever comes through and go ahead under the unavoidable circumstances.

Assimilational and Comprehensional Leadership: Vibrant, effective leadership consists of the twin elements – Assimilational and Comprehensional. These two are very different from the conventional authoritative (autocratic) or simply democratic one.

Sea Dimension: Be unruffled like the sea. Sea receives all kinds of waters from the various rivers remaining poised, unruffled. The slush, dirt and filth are sent down to the bottom. All the river waters become clean and saline.

Dis-attachment: Dis-attachment is a concept executives must always cherish and strive to preserve in all critical thoughts and perceptions. Most of the instances where a manager's thoughts and decisions get clouded, enfeebled, are when he gets over-attached to what he thinks, speaks and does.

* * *