"Excellence and Beyond - Harnessing your Inner Resources"

 Challenges, the Corporate Leaders face :

The corporate leader faces enormous challenges in the form of a competitive work environment, high performance expectations and the pressure of balancing work with family life. The following are some of the challenges shared by Corporate Leaders of today:

  • How do I inculcate commitment in the employees towards organization and its goals?

  • I want my team to have greater trust and confidence in me. Also, I wish to build a high-level of transparency across the organization. How do I achieve these?

  • I feel that without 'peace' and internal composure, one cannot function effectively at the top-level of the corporation. How do I develop inner peace?

  • How do I deal with political pressures and bureaucratic hurdles that we are constantly faced with?

  • How can I take my organization to the highest levels of performance without sacrificing integrity?

  • I wish to bring about many changes in the organization. But I do not have the 'freedom' to operate. How does one face such situations at senior levels of an organization?

Brain Stimulatium:

Titled "Excellence and Beyond - Harnessing your Inner Resources", the Brain Stimulatium is an intensive 2-day Workshop for the benefit of senior management of the corporate world. It is designed to explore the concept of Excellence in its amplitude and profundity, and take the participants to what lies beyond conventional notions of excellence.

In a unique and enlightening exposure, the participants are guided to:

  • Unveil the infinite potential of the human mind

  • Discover the real content of excellence

  • Transform daily interactions into a source of constant inner enrichment and empowerment

  • Strike a harmonious balance, integrating professional, domestic and societal involvements into a viable composite.

  • Experience joy and fulfillment in all endeavours

This 2-day programme has been specially designed for a small group of 12 to 15 participants.  The sessions will be guided by Swamiji through a process of Introspection, Contemplation and Meditation.

Global rethinking is vibrant in Management Science, with the focus shifting to incorporating spiritual values into organizational culture. Indian values, tried and tested over millennia, have a strong relevance and effectiveness in this scenario.

A proper assessment of the abundant potential of human mind, from which  alone every performantial skill emerges, becomes paramount. This is where the present management thinkers have to be enlightened effectively, and spiritual stalwarts have a lot to contribute to bring about this critical change. This entry of spiritual thinkers into the most creative field of Management is a significant development, for Spirituality and Management alike.

What will you achieve from the Brain Stimulatium:

  • New dimensions of Leadership - Discover the Oceanal Dimensions of your mind

  • Realize your Inner Resources - Harness their enormous potential to find joy and fulfillment in all spheres

  • Develop an Enlightened Outlook so that joy becomes concurrent with whatever you think, speak or do

  • Interactional Saadhana - Learn the process of unlimited expansion through daily life interactions - Become free and fearless

  • Excellentiality - Cultivate excellence as a way of life

  • Strike a balance - Integrate the professional, domestic, and societal spheres

    Through Introspection, Contemplation and Meditation

Participant Profile:

Senior management and decision makers of the organization (CEO, Vice President, General Manager). The participant should be in a position to examine the relevance of this workshop and learning in the context of his/her organization.

Essence of the Stimulatium

Whether you seek material peace, intellectual wisdom, personal steadiness or religious salvation, know that the source of any and all lies just within you. Look to the within, turn inward and unearth your own hidden treasures. Be humble but bold and keen in your attempt.

- Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha