"Every moment of your life you are being carried to fulfilment, irresistibly. Everything that comes to you does so to improve, correct or alter your nature, thereby taking you nearer perfection. So, whenever agitation assails your mind, ponder over this truth again and again."

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Vidya means knowledge, Brahmavidya means knowledge relating to Brahman.

The entire knowledge we have in the wakefulness is covered by śabda (sound), sparsha (touch), rasa (taste), roopa (sight), gandha (smell), that is all knowledge is acquired through the senses. Life is constantly an interaction between the senses and the objects, and in this interactional, experiential life, knowledge is a product of these interactions. Knowledge is distilled from experience.

All the knowledge that we have, whether it is physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology, electronics, nuclear science, humanities, business administration, corporate functioning, marketing, finance, anything whatsoever, all this knowledge proceeds from and stored in the subject.

Our mind/ intelligence is a subjective, functional unit. It is neither matter, nor energy, our body is matter energy, but mind, intelligence are not. So all knowledge is an effort and an outcome by the knowing process which proceeds from the knower and rests on the knower.

The objective knowledge is available in the schools, educational, professional and research centres and deals with the ramifications of matter and energy. The subject knowledge deals with the very process of knowing, distinguishing between the knower, the knowing and the knowable, then tracing it further. The knowable and the knowing are resting on the knower. Understand the knower itself to be the pure and serene consciousness, the supra-material presence in us.

Our body, mind, intelligence and ego … all are perishable. The entire world surrounding us is perceived and interacted with by our personality. Your personality is perishable in all its facets and the objective world also. If all these are perishable, the perishable alone cannot exist, so there must be an imperishable substratum. A changes in to B, then what will make B change in to C? So there must something different from A, B and C which brings about these changes? The “I” is only imperishable substratum in the entire perishable world.

We wake up in the morning, at night we go to sleep, sometimes we have a dream. From the dream we transition to wakefulness, wakefulness gets wiped-off into sleep. The phenomena of waking and dreaming implies another factor, a changeless substratum and that substratum is the “I” who wakes up, who sleeps and who also dreams.

Wakefulness, sleep and dream being the three states, the “I” is the fourth state. Now examining all the three you must be able to arrive at the fourth. That is the imperishable element, the Brahman. Seek not that imperishable anywhere outside.

Brahmavidya is that vidya, which deals with this imperishable "subject" or "source" within you on which the entire universe, knowledge, experience, or memory rests. This subject, is in fact the only imperishable, in the whole universe. You can say the whole universe is a huge circle drawn from this imperishable presence.

Explanation of the Logo


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OM represents Brahmavidya. The hands holding 'OM' up symbolize the effort of our Institution to keep Brahmavidya aloft. Transformation of the hands into flames emphasize that Brahmavidya is really kept alive by Jnaanaagni - the blazing fire of supreme knowledge.

The motto is "Brahmavid Aapnoti Param".

"One who realizes Brahman, attains the Supreme. The Supreme is no other than the ultimate Non-dual knowledge which the Knower verily 'becomes'.

Remember this declaration of the sacred Upanishads. It is not wealth or mere material knowledge that enriches man's inner personality. Human life will find its true elevation and fulfilment only in gaining spiritual wisdom - the knowledge of the Self, the 'Subject' in your body which is the 'Subject' in everybody and the substratum of the entire world. Let this truth ring in your mind and inspire your hearts ever and ever."



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