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Prabhata-Rashmih Audio


Very few people have a feeling that I am a human being; there are so many beings in this world upon the earth, but we alone have the power of articulation and preceding that the power of thinking. With these two additional powers, we certainly carry a superiority or greatness in our life. What is that greatness? What am I to do with it, am I leading my life in the proper manner or there is still something more to be known about it. Who will answer me or guide me. Neither the parents, nor the academic teachers nor the elderly people in the society will generally have any kind of a valid and a useful answer before such an enquiry. That is the time a person becomes a seeker and he tries to approach someone who leads a different type of life, people like us. 

“Swamiji, how to ensure that the interactional saadhana is going on with all the activities and interactions?” I think this is something that all of you should take up as a matter of introspection and evaluation. First let us be very clear that every action and interaction is initiated from the mind, proceeds from the mind and while the two- action and interaction are going on they always subsist on the mind. Without the mind no action or interaction can ever be even for a moment. There are instances when in sleep we move our body left and right. But we don’t know that the body moves. So there is no registration as such as far as we know. So can you say you are moving the body? No. ....

You are not able to understand that the objects are produced by the mind in the wakeful state. Because you will say that the objects are there whether I am there or not. The objects are there for whom, either for another person or the whole human society or other beings which has similar senses. If the senses were not there in the perceiving individual, no objects would be there at all. But the wakefulness imposes a delusion by virtue of which you think that the objects are there and that is why I perceive them. This truth is completely invalidated when you have your dream.

In our shastras and in the spirituo-religious and philosophical life that we Indians have, right from the Vedic life, there are 3 important items – yajna, daana and tapas. In these three, we can summarize everything about our religion, religious practices, spirituality, spiritual discipline, and refinement and philosophy, the quest and search for Truth and finally its discovery.

Be very clear, my dear souls, that human activity is primarily at four levels. The grossest level is the activity taking place in our body, with bodily limbs and sensory organs. Some of the senses move, when they act.

Next to it is the oral activity, where we start producing sounds from the mouth, tongue, teeth, gum, throat, nose, etc. If the physical sensory activity has got, say, one effect, number one; then the oral activity, for the same duration, will have hundred fold effect.

The next one, higher, will be mental activity. What is this mental activity? The mind, thinking or remembering, it is invisible no doubt.


Early in the morning when you get up till you go to sleep or sleep you will be constantly be interacting with priya and apriya, pleasant and unpleasant things. If life was all pleasant I don’t think it would have been interesting. If it was all unpleasant then also it won’t be interesting and involving. Because it is pleasant and unpleasant it keeps its interest. The moment pleasantness goes you feel unhappy, the moment unpleasantness comes you feel unhappy. So you will want to become pleasant. So it becomes a struggle, a striving and a sadhana.
If your devotion to God has to become uniform, stable, deep and strong then the mind has to be freed from dvandvas. Dvandva introduces a moha in us and that is why we consider bondage, liberation, heaven, hell, today, tomorrow, yesterday, today, body, soul, world, God, sin, virtue, all these come under dvandvas and we are enmeshed by them. The mind starts soaring higher leaving the dvandvas to where they are and the mind understands that the dvandvas themselves are a delusion so free the mind from the delusion and think of God in a uniform manner wherever you are, whatever you do. As your body is touching the ground, the lungs are in league with the air, in the same manner you should feel penetrated by God, surrounded by God.

All beings are made active and functional in this world by the three gunas of prakriti over which you have no control. So where is the question of I am doing? Everybody is doing. The animals are doing, mosquito is doing, the turtle is doing, the tortoise is doing, the rabbit is doing. See the birds in the sky, early in the morning they go out in search of their prey. So who is not doing in this world? The wind is blowing, the water is flowing, the earth is revolving, the fire is blazing. Everyone is doing in this world. So, don’t say Karma yoga is doing of an action. Certainly not. So, What is Karma yoga? ...

If the idol and picture are mute Gods, aacharya is a vibrant, sentient and articulate God. When you go and prostrate before Him, He knows that somebody has come. He looks at him, studies his features and he makes his own assessments. The manner in which you conduct, how you speak, what are the emotions displayed by your words everything becomes a pointer to your inner personality and the qualities you have and the qualities you are likely to have from the interaction with the teacher. So this aachaarya upaasana is something very, very sublime and important.

The communication through words, through dialogue between the teacher and the disciple is the sole factor in the enlightenment and fulfilment of a seeker, a spiritual person. Now, whatever Krishna said became spirituality and spiritual wisdom. That is why I say spirituality is religion reformed, refined and applied directly on one’s own person bereft of, without any external factor, aid or means. In Spirituality you read or hear and following that you contemplate upon whatever you have read to focus on the essential part. When that contemplation is over, the mind further sinks down into a state of absorption into the infinite expanse of the Self.
Every being when it is born into this world is undergoing a delusion – moha, arising from iccha and dvesha. Iccha and dvesha means desire and hatred or dislike and resentment. Mind you, there is no option for us. At the time of birth this delusion grips us and the delusion is a result of iccha and dvesha. It is to sublimate these iccha dveshas that all our religious worship, practices, pooja and other things are done.
People have a feeling that we realize the Self, that realization takes place at one point of time and after the realization you will always be a self-realized soul. Nothing will happen to you. This is not right at all. You may realize the Self. In the light of the Realization your personality will have to be of a certain kind, order and qualities. These are the qualities which are listed in all our scriptures in different ways.

Everywhere I found this spirituality has a very deep connection with our mind, our character, our behavior, and interaction. When we speak of character, behavior, and interaction many people think in a big and high level. But our character is constant with us. Behavior is visible and intermittent. Interactions also are so. But this character, behavior, and interaction are primarily centered in one’s own family. How do you deal or how do you conduct yourself within the household?

Sukha and dukha are there in swarga and naraka as they are here. If nothing more than what you already have in your life here upon the earth is there anywhere in the rest of the world then should be you running after anything like heaven and higher regions in the form of rituals and the like? Certainly not. So keep away from them and look for whatever is greater than what you have now here. And what is greater? What is greater? ... 

Any extended spiritual pursuit with austere and ascetic background will not have any purpose unless you penetrate in to your mind and make the mind pure, sublime, harmonious and expansive during your day-to-day interactional life. My dear souls this is great discovery that I am telling you.

Be very sure that our personality consists of all the things the world had namely the pancha bhootas. We also have something called the mind, intelligence, ego and the substratum of all these. That is the SELF. With such a personality we are complete, full and wholesome. To understand that this is so and to make our mind and intelligence reflect the fullness and wholesomeness that you look for is the real effort and sadhana.

Initial is the idol worship or pratima pooja. Next is the recitation of japa or stotras, here no flower, no material offerings is required always the material is generated from your own system in the form of sound and some vibrations. That becomes the next step, the greater, the elevated one. Uttama maanasi pooja...... Then the still better and the best is maanasi pooja.

The world will always be a conglomeration of the pairs of opposites and there will be good and bad, ups and downs, favour and dis-favour always. It does not matter if you are able to assimilate all kinds of impacts, that assimilation will necessarily result in an enrichment, expansion and empowerment of our inner personality. This inner enrichment is the most cardinal in human life. You cannot always direct and determine the course of events in this world.

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