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Guide to Saadhana


Early in the morning when you get up till you go to sleep or sleep you will be constantly be interacting with priya and apriya, pleasant and unpleasant things. If life was all pleasant I don’t think it would have been interesting. If it was all unpleasant then also it won’t be interesting and involving. Because it is pleasant and unpleasant it keeps its interest. The moment pleasantness goes you feel unhappy, the moment unpleasantness comes you feel unhappy. So you will want to become pleasant. So it becomes a struggle, a striving and a sadhana.
If your devotion to God has to become uniform, stable, deep and strong then the mind has to be freed from dvandvas. Dvandva introduces a moha in us and that is why we consider bondage, liberation, heaven, hell, today, tomorrow, yesterday, today, body, soul, world, God, sin, virtue, all these come under dvandvas and we are enmeshed by them. The mind starts soaring higher leaving the dvandvas to where they are and the mind understands that the dvandvas themselves are a delusion so free the mind from the delusion and think of God in a uniform manner wherever you are, whatever you do. As your body is touching the ground, the lungs are in league with the air, in the same manner you should feel penetrated by God, surrounded by God.

The seeker or enquirer is introduced in this manner to the Subject, “You have to realize God. You have to know Brahman, the ultimate reality. You have to discover and realize your Self. So Self Knowledge, God experience and Brahmic knowledge – these are considered to be the goal of human life.” After having said it and revealed what is God, what is Brahman, and what is philosophy, the supreme reality - the subject begins to work. And as it progresses, you will find, all the things necessary in human life to make life comfortable, good, noble, great, benevolent, all these lakshanas are grafted in the exposition. This is what all of you should understand.

Every desire and external object, like a set of sofa - you may possess it. Quite alright! We have no objection. First of all it is a desire and the desire is sprouting in the mind. You are following the desire in the external sphere as a result of which you get the furniture and put it at home. Very good! I have no objection. Is it the arrival of the furniture that really counts or following the arrival, whatever desire the mind had, that desire has become extinct. Suppose the desire continued to be there, then you would again run after the furniture and procure it. Mark my words very clearly! Don’t get confused! I want you to be bold, simple and upright!

It is a desire of the mind that you pursued and after pursuit, it is the desire of the mind that becomes extinct. So when you pursue a desire and fulfil it, what happens? Where the desire originally began, there itself it becomes extinct. So desire fulfilment means what? The absence of that desire, its extinction. When all the desires are fulfilled, what will happen? The desired objects will be around you but so far as the mind is concerned, it is extinction of the desires that takes place.

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