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Discourses by Swami Nirvisheshananda Tirtha

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Towards Freedom and Fearlessness
Towards Freedom and Fearlessness

A series of 5 discourses, based on Kathopanishad

100.00 Rs.
Integration of Jnana and Bhakti
Integration of Jnana and Bhakti Two discourses by Swami Nirviseshananda Tirtha that compel one to ruminate and introspect. 100.00 Rs.
Kathopanishad - A Book of Saadhana
Kathopanishad - A Book of Saadhana Discourse on Kathopanishad and how it can form a basis of one's Saadhana. 100.00 Rs.
Surrender - The Fifth Purushaartha
Surrender - The Fifth Purushaartha Based on the Satsangs of his Param Gurudev, Swami Narayana Tirtha, Baba Gangadhara Paramhamsa wrote his notes entitled "NarayanaGeeta" which describes... 100.00 Rs.
This Audio CD contains 18 discourses on Kathopanishad recorded at Centre for Inner Resources Development - Jamshedpur in 2014.
100.00 Rs.
Enlightend Leadership
Enlightend Leadership Recorded in February of 2014, this discourse by Swami Nirviseshananda Tirtha Ji probes into the leadership issues at the workplace and finds a spiritual... 100.00 Rs.
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