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Quietening the Mind
In BG 6.33, Arjuna confesses that in spite of Krishna’s excellent exposition on “evenness” of the mind (samatva),  he is unable to comprehend this even state because of the restlessness of his mind. Krishna
Role of self-effort
Bhagavadgeetā repeatedly highlights the role of self-effort and discipline in attaining fulfillment in life (verses 6.5, 3.34, 2.64). Right from birth, we are slave to our attraction and repulsion (rāgadveṣa) towards
Integrated Personality
(Kaṭhopanishad 1.3.3 to 1.3.9) The intelligence (charioteer) should look for guidance from the Soul (master of the chariot) – the inner voice of Truth. The mind (reins) must heed the guidance of the intelligence

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Morning Rays


Purpose of Spirituality

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