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On Values


Poojya Swamiji conducting a one day workshop on "Enlightened Leadership" - Delhi 2013

All our cultural values are aimed at bestowing the three-fold enrichment – characteral might, behavioural majesty and performancial excellence. By their very nature, these are ever applicable to one and all alike. To blend ‘subject values’ with ‘object education’ thus becomes the goal before us. Distinct from external, material, professional and technical knowledge, which comes under ‘object knowledge’, the ‘subject knowledge’ holds the potential to enrich and empower the mind, intelligence and heart.

* * *

With all the academic and professional knowledge you have, if you do not get an opportunity to use it and gain experience, of what use will it all be? It is the employer who takes you and assigns a job for you. By this, he helps to enhance your merits, which always remain your personal possession. Only the external, gross productivity goes to the society. The inner, subtle enrichment remains yours. Should you not be grateful to the employer then? Gratefulness enriches any mind. It forges expansion.

* * *

Our National Cultural Values have the sole object of enriching and empowering inner human constituents, namely mind, intelligence and heart. As an individual thinks of himself, so should he be persuaded to think of others around. One’s thoughts, feelings and aspirations should not remain individualistic alone. Everytime and in everything alike, they have to be inclusive, comprehensive.

* * *

Overall welfare of any society rests upon ethically conducted business. Business ethics demands that its functionaries have to elevate their vision from capturing the market and enhancing their income, to the sublime height of sharing the efforts to ameliorate societal, national and global life.


* * *


Growing Detachment

To grow detachment, no physical denial or distance is desirable. Love and fondness, expressed openly to any extent, will only sublimate the mind and heart. Detachment is a great quality, like love or fondness, that enables the mind to become loftier and deeper in its reactions and responses. Qualities of the mind and heart are best cultivated through interactions. Through either denial or distance, the mind does not get sublimated as through company and closeness. Only when enough of sublimity and enrichment are gained through company and closeness, one may think of resorting to distance. But there it will be more a transcendence than an effortful denial. This process remains a secret, even to many great seekers. 


Everything proceeds from Inside


Everything in our life proceeds from inside. First of all, we have a thought, an idea or an emotion. From that follow the external actions and interactions. The cause of everything that comes to your life is within you. So, if you have to treat or correct anything, treat your own internal being. Everything that you speak, everything that you do and everything that you think emerge from inside. They may have relationship with the external objects and events, but the final outcome is again upon your own self. So, the inner being is the source as well as the terminus of everything that happens in our life.

This inner sphere should be constantly attended to. Make sure that whatever you do, whatever you talk or whatever you experience, is always enriching, empowering, ennobling and elevating. To make it so – to make sure that it is always so – will be your constant task, ceaseless effort.
-- Swamiji

Worldly and Divine Differential Notions



Ganga Arati being performed at the 12th Bhaagavata Tattva Sameeksha Satram 2013

Worldly interactions do not appear to be divine or sublime only because the seeker regards the world as different from God or the Supreme. As long as this difference prevails, conflicts will torment the seeker s mind distancing him from the Supreme.

A true seeker must outlive this bheda-buddhi (differential notion) the mind inherently clings to, and install in its place the Knowledge of all-fold divinity. Then the world interactions will themselves bring the touch of divinity, instead of distancing the seeker from the Supreme. This is the secret of devotional wholesomeness.

— Swamiji


Importance of Virtues

CHC NT 3 with animated children

Poojya Swamiji with the children of the Cultural Heritage Class

Self-realization is something very broad and comprehensive. People make the common mistake of regarding it as a mere point – a one-time event. This confusion should first be cleared. In its comprehensiveness, a number of virtues and excellences reign. As a seeker, try to know about these. Then be given to these, one after another. To the extent you ensure that these have an important place in your mind, you will begin to feel 'quietitude' and joy.

To practise or pursue a virtue, one should first think fondly about it. This means one has to spend as much time as possible mentally on it. That will then instil the virtue into your inner system. Once this is accomplished, it will begin to express in your thoughts, words and deeds. This is verily how anything grows in an individual. Generally, people hear or read something and feel a little about it. May be some wish for or desire it. There it stops. How can a quality grow then?

The missing part is the inner association with what you desire. Think of a girl loving a boy. Will not she think about him day in and day out? That even leads to her marrying that person, often despite all the obstacles she faces! If an individual can be possessed thus by a lifelong relationship, what prevents the same mind from possessing harmless enriching virtues and qualities? Start this inner process of fondness and assimilation straightaway.

-- Swamiji

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