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Five Noble Precepts as spelt out by Swamiji 

1. Recognize the entire world to be a wholesome manifestation of God.

2. Cultivate ever-abiding love towards all beings. Express it more on mankind.

3. Never attribute fault to anyone or anything. Instead, seek to know the good ingrained in each.
4. Regulate the senses. Sublimate the mind. Practise divine introspection. By this three-fold means derive the knowledge of Brahman.

5. Resolve that sarveswara-darsana (the vision of the one God in all) alone is life's fulfillment and transform your entire life into a magnificent sadhana (seeking) for accomplishing it.  Then  indeed  will  emerge  peace  and  blessedness every-where, always.


Swamiji's special effort has been to make seekers understand that the real focus

  • of devotional practices is not God, but the devotee's own mind and behaviour,
  • of karmayoga is not action but the yogic orientation of the mind of the actor,
  • of knowledge is not knowledge, but the self-improvement and self-purification of the practitioner.

Poojya Swamiji upholds that all problems in human life are born of the mind, and so the solutions thereof are also to be found within the mind. Thus, one must make the outgoing mind look inward.

1. Meditative Introspection that makes the seeker aware of the profound dimensions and potentials held within the mind and intelligence. The seeker discovers the real nature of the mind as well as the world, and realizes that for achieving joy and fulfillment, one needs to look into his mind and inner resources alone, not outside.

2. Interactional Saadhana which is a technique of shifting our focus from the external situation to the mind's response to it, and treating the mind through knowledge so that any interaction will lead to inner enrichment. While meditative introspection is a time-bound pursuit, interactional saadhana aims to transform every moment of our wakeful life into a spiritual pursuit of inner purification and enrichment.

Inner Resources Development

Most branches of Science and Technology aim at identifying and harnessing the external resources of nature as held by earth, water and air, light and other forms of energy. Parallel to this, the human personality preserves within itself enormous resources, which are the key to any human achievement.

'Inner Resources Development' is Swamiji's unique and systematic approach which guides modern day aspirants to identify, understand and harness this limitless inner potential and find joy and fulfillment in all spheres of human endeavour.


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