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What is Brahmavidyaa?



Brahman represents the Ultimate Truth. Vidyaa means knowledge. Brahmavidyaa means “Knowledge of the Ultimate Truth”.

The Seekers of Ultimate Truth in India discovered that the Ultimate Truth – the One Consciousness on which the whole universal display appears to be – is no different from our own True Identity – the Self. So, Brahmavidyaa is equally the knowledge of our true Identity. 

Brahmavidyaa, as exposed in the Vedantic Scriptures (Upanishads), guides a seeker to discover this Truth first hand, within himself. The goal is to realize that the Self (the real “I”) is the same as the Brahman (the Source or Substratum of the Universe).

As this realization is about our own identity, it results into a complete transformation of our inner personality. The practice of Brahmavidyaa expands our vision, sublimates our mind, and clarifies our intelligence, leading to freedom and fulfillment. 

The pursuit of Brahmavidyaa has two aspects : (1) Non-interactional pursuit consisting of introspection, contemplation and meditation on the Truth as exposed in the Upanishads; and (2) Interactional pursuit to culture qualities like impersonality, impartiality, unaffectedness in any situation, acceptance of any situation,  during interactions with the world.

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