"Your mind has enormous hidden dimensions. Open yourselves completely to whatever reactions and emotions the world evokes from time to time. Accept them all without any reservation or resentment. By assimilating everything and all, your mind grows deeper, stabler and more enriched."

The Guiding force of Narayanashrama Tapovanam & Center for Inner Resources Development

Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha

  • Entry of women into Shabarimala 2016-04-27

    Under the guidance of Poojya Swamiji, Hind Navotthana Pratishtan and Narayanashrma Tapovanam have filed PIL in Supreme Court seeking directions allowing equality in the matter of worship in any public place of worship, especially Shabarimala in this case. Women should not be prohibited from entering temples as devotees, on the basis of their gender. Such prohibition is against the injunctions of our śāstras, right from Vedic times, as also against the Constitution of India.

  • Poojya Swamiji’s 83rd Jayanti 2016-03-27

    Poojya Swamiji’s 83rd Jayanti will be observed in the Ashram on May 13. Many devotees have expressed their eagerness to come and stay in the Ashram to attend the function. They are requested to send the ‘Ashram stay/visit Registration form’ (available on request by post or e-mail) to the Ashram by Apr 30, the last date for receiving the forms.

  • Sādhanā-śibiram - Washington DC Metro Area - May 2016 2016-03-14

    Swami Nirviseshananda Tirtha will conduct workshops and discourses in the Washington DC Metro Area between May 17th and June 3rd, 2016. More details ....

Practical Guidance

Prabhaata Rashmih talks by Poojya Swamiji
  • PR 05 Aug 2015 - Sublimate Desire and Passion

    He has to forebear, dissolve kāma-krodhodbhavaṁ vegaṁ, the urge caused by kāma and krodha. Kāma means desire and passion, krodha means intolerance and hatred. These are the two elements which are produced by the mind and perpetuated by the mind. You have to understand that you are under a trap and the trap is in the nature of kāma and krodha. The genesis of these is your own mind. Mind is within the body, closer to you than the body and the mind is guilty of creating kāma and krodha. They are two emotional urges which try to dominate and override you. Understand discreetly that this is the situation and always have your focus and effort in sublimating kāma and krodha.

  • PR 04 Aug 2015 - Adopt an Even Attitude towards Happiness and Misery

    These sukha-duḥkhas are the mind resultants, mental resultants of all the interactions and interactional impacts that you have. Now develop an even attitude towards sukha and duḥkha. Without duḥkha there is no sukha and without sukha there is no duḥkha. Each is a complement to the other. One is mutual with the other. Either they both will be or they both cannot be. So you cannot choose between the two. If you choose, you are a fool. That’s all. So develop an even attitude towards sukha-duḥkhas. In the same manner, lābhā-alābhau, jayā-ajayaou. Lābhā and alābhā , gain and loss, profit and loss, that is referring to an external activity or an interaction. Similarly, jayājayau, victory and defeat. When we say victory and defeat, they are references to external outcomes. Lābhā-alābhā, external outcome. Lābhā-alābhau, jayājayau, though they are external outcomes, in the mind level they produce uniformly only sukha and duḥkha. So how many things you have to evenize? Only sukha-duḥkhas. 

  • PR 03 Aug 2015 - The Attitude of Holiness in Activities

    If anybody wants to worship God exclusively, unbrokenly and that worship has to give him, bestow upon him ceaseless delight, ceaseless ecstasy, then the secret lies in his mind.  By doing the puṇya-karmas when the pāpa gets exhausted, he says, te dvandva-moha-nirmuktāh, the delusion arising from dvandva, they get liberated from that. Bhajante māṁ dṛḍha-vratāḥ - And being so, they worship me without any break.



Poojya Swamiji says that the real focus

  • of devotional practices is not God, but the devotee's own mind and behaviour;
  • of karmayoga is not action but the attitude of the mind with which an action is performed;
  • of knowledge is not knowledge, but the purification and expansion of the seeker's mind.

Swamiji's Teachings


Poojya Swamiji says that the real focus

  • of devotional practices is not God, but the devotee's own mind and behaviour;
  • of karmayoga is not action but the attitude of the mind with which an action is performed;
  • of knowledge is not knowledge, but the purification and expansion of the seeker's mind.


NSJi-HmPgSwami Nirviseshananda Tirtha

Swami Nirviseshananda Tirthaji, a renunciate disciple of Poojya Swamiji, is known for his scientific expositions which are a source of inspiration to seekers.  Read More...


Ma Gurupriya

A disciple of Poojya Swamiji, Ma is the loving mother of Poojya Swamiji's devotees around the world. Devotion and service remain the predominant forces shaping Ma's life.  Read More...

  • Gurupoorṇimā – the Teachers’ Day

    Participants of the Gurupoornima Retreat 2015 Dear and blessed Brahmavidyā seekers and seekers of knowledge: Every year, I have been speaking to you on the occasion of Gurupoorṇimā. This time Gurupoorṇimā falls very late in July, on the last day. Generally it arrives in the month of Āṣāḍha, a month noted for austerity. All people in our country are supposed to spend this month in special...


  • Arya – The Man Striving for Evolution

    WEAKNESS is inborn in man. It is a sure symptom of growing life. It has to be recognized no doubt, but only to be overcome, gradually though not suddenly. Weakness is to give man its caution! It should sound the need, bestow inspiration to work for its redress, to gain ample strength and resolve.


  • Behaviour of the stable-minded

    W hen the yoga-sadhana takes one to spiritual introspection, which matures into Self-absorption and sthita-prajnata, that experience brings about a thorough revolution  in character, behaviour, perception and also interaction.  The bodily relationships appear to be too limited, even misplaced. Is not the body something to be cast aside?  Is one the body, or he merely has his body?  Why should whatever he has as different from whatever he is, blind him so much?   The material body is not what the spiritual Self is.  Man, the spiritual, has naturally now to imbibe spiritual feelings, views and standards.  So the  abhisneha , the small circle of fondness and identity,  melts off and a clear expansion takes its place.


  • A Great Association - 10

    The Vision behind CIRD After independence, our country rightly chose the motto “Satyam-eva jayate” (Truth alone triumphs) from Muṇḍakopanishad. But it ignored the very first statement of the same Upanishad: “Brahmavidyā sarva-vidyā-pratishṭhā” - The science of supreme Reality is the foundation of all other sciences. The supreme Reality being our own true Identity, the one Self of all, the...



In this discourse Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha explores the limitless potential of the Human Mind, its majesty and magnificence.


Recordings of Poojya Swamiji's Talks

Evenness of the Mind : Way to Self-Knowledge

Independence from Unhappiness and Happiness


Vicharasethu is a monthly journal in English and Hindi, edited and published by Poojya Swamiji. It is also published in Malayalam by the name Vicharasarani. With Articles, Correspondance, Guidance for Sādhana and News updates from the Ashram, these monthly publications are a great guide for the earnest sādhaka. 

Devotees hold periodic meetings at their own locations wherein the teachings and messages of Swamiji are heard, read and discussed with a view to comprehend and arrive at their essence and make it a functional note in their life. This section provides resources to facilitate the proceedings at such gatherings. Read More ....

How to chant Bhagavad Gita

How to chant Viṣṇusahasranāma

  • 048 - Yadā Sarve - Remove Desires and Become Immortal

    When all desires seated in the heart are eliminated, man becomes immortal; then here, in this world itself, he attains Brahman.


  • 049 - Samyagālokanāt - When Does Mind Attain Quietitude?

    By perceiving the Truth very well, desires get completely dissolved. On complete dissolution of desires, the mind attains quietitude, like the flame of a lamp when its oil gets over.


  • 050 - Yathā Yathā Pratyagavasthitam - The Importance of Desirelessness

    To the extent the mind gets established in the inmost Self, to that extent it gives up desires for external objects. With the complete extinction of desires, Self-realization becomes unobstructed.