Prabhāṭa-Raśmiḥ 38 : The Inner Embrace

17 April 1999

Harih Om Tat Sat.  Jai Guru! When you look at the universe, you will find that every object or every particle, big or small, is constantly in a state of vibration and motion. In such a universe of constant vibration, there must be and there is a central position which is causing as well as preserving the entire vibrational structure.

This universal centre may be unimaginable to you. Unimaginable in the sense that you may not be able to visualize exactly where it is, because the universe itself is endless. Besides, the concept of ‘where’ comes only when you pre-suppose the existence of the universe; but here, we are talking of that stage or origin from where the very universe emerges. Hence, however much you may comprehend the universe, this centre remains incomprehensible.

But, you have a sample of the universe very close to you, namely in your own personality  circumscribed by the body. In this body, you have matter and energy as in the universe itself. Then, transcending these two, you have the different layers of the consciousness - the mind, thoughts, emotions, intelligence, knowledge and the so-called ego. All these are within the sphere of consciousness. When you go further inward, you will find that there is a central and causal source. That is denoted by the term ‘I’.

It is not really a centre in the usual physical sense - it is unlike the central point of a circle. It is, on the other hand, a kind of mystic and incomprehensible sheath within which, as within space, all the universal entities are present. It is this core of your personality that you have to touch and experience.

Until this is done, spirituality, or spiritual life, will have no meaning. Those people who come close to me, after listening to my talks or reading the books, finally express an earnestness to get initiated into Brahmavidya, the Soul science. I take them to a room for the sublime instructions, close the door and sit with them. I put them in touch with the Soul within. Until this Soul or Self-touch is experienced, spiritual life will remain hollow. A true sadhaka must be able to experience and realize that which animates the body and yet remains different from the body.

And, as important is this personal and direct realization, so important are the reformation, refinement and sublimation to be brought about in our personality and in our interactions by virtue of this realization. The experience is inevitable and important in the first instance. Equally important is the post-experience, interactional sublimity.

I find in both these cases, the initiates  around me are not sufficiently charged. They fail to get into the inner embrace as much as is necessary. They also fail to bring about the essential sublimity in their interactional life. The inner  embrace is a solution for all your problems.  It is a correction for all the mistakes committed. It is a purifying agent for the entire being. You may weep, cry and sob - but this inner embrace must be had repeatedly.

Through this experience, the intelligence will be sharpened, the mind will be purified, and the senses will be sublimated. You should take to it and rely upon it.  You must imbibe strength from it. In the light of this inner embrace, you have to become a full-fledged sadhaka, an exclusive seeker. Everything that you do in your life – be it professional, social or otherwise – should be spiritualized and sublimated.

Personal experience is the last word in spirituality. Scriptural confirmation, supported by reason and inference, is equally important. When the realization becomes personal first, scripturally confirmed next, and then approved by relentless reason – when all these beautifully co-mingle and synthesize, then the seeker becomes a siddha.

Harih Om Tat Sat.

*          *          *