"Karmayoga does not mean ceaseless pursuit of karma. It truly consists in the Yoga orientation and discipline given to the buddhi and the mind. Constant preservation and application of Yogabuddhi while doing any work, alone makes one a Karmayogin."

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Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha

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Gurupoorṇimā Annual Retreat: Sacred Gurupoorṇimā will be observed in the Ashram on July 19. The 7-day annual Retreat – a period of exclusive sādhanā in Gurusannidhi – will be from Jul 20 to 26, concluding with Anna-Vastra Dāna Satram. June 24 is the last date for receiving duly filled application forms (available in Ashram’s website or on request by email or post). Telephonic application may please be avoided. Participation will be confirmed by July 01. Selected participants are expected to arrive by July 18 forenoon, and return by Jul 27.

13 GP2012 Floral offering

Gurupoorṇimā & Annual Retreat: Sacred Gurupoorṇimā will be observed in the Ashram on July 19. The programs will be webcast live at www.livestream.com/Ashram1/Gurupoornima2016. The details of the webcasts are as follows:

Gurupoornima 2016 Program Details



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