"Karmayoga does not mean ceaseless pursuit of karma. It truly consists in the Yoga orientation and discipline given to the buddhi and the mind. Constant preservation and application of Yogabuddhi while doing any work, alone makes one a Karmayogin."

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Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru. Jai Guru.

You know why I am a little silent? I was wondering whether I should talk what is in my mind. I would like all of you to understand that for a sadhaka or a sadhika everything that takes place in life is a full part of the sadhana. Whether you are having your breakfast, whether you’re having your meal, whether you go to the market, where you have your bath, put on your dress, whatever you do either in the way of an action restricted to your own personality or in the way of an interaction in which other factors come like the articles you deal with, the place you sit or the persons which is called interpersonal behavior in all these the sadhana element alone is there because every activity proceeds from the mind. Interactions also proceed from the mind. The actions and interactions also equally subsist on the mind. Disconnected from the mind there cannot be an action or interaction. Then finally when the actions conclude or terminate, this conclusion is also taking place in the sphere of the mind because the action is gone as time passes. That I have acted, and this has been the progress, this has been the effect, this kind of an experience which becomes knowledge and memory, also are in the mind.

Now the question is whether all of you are aware of this fact that mind is the source of activity, mind sustains activity and mind concludes and remembers the activity and its result. Once you are able to be sensitive about this finding then I think you can progress as a sadhaka very well. But I am wondering whether people are aware of this fact. Suppose they are not aware of what should be done to become aware of it, becomes the first and the last question. This is where I tell you that the mind has to be concerned about whatever you have to have or you don’t have, the mind has to be very much concerned about it.

I was given a copy of the souvenir which the Srimad Bhagavata Tatva Sameeksha Satra Samiti wanted to prepare. I told them right in the beginning you must have a very good editorial board and there must be enough people, proper competent people to go through the proof and make corrections. It is not simple. I had told them. But somehow the matter lingered on and finally in a desperate hurry and impossibility they wanted to release it during the satram. It was impossible. Finally I said, “I would like to see a copy before it is finally done.” And they were not giving. So I asked them what happened. Finally I said, “Whatever pages you have finished give it to us.”

Finally after I got it I gave it to our people for reading etc. but can you imagine? In one page there were fifty or sixty mistakes. A4 page. Six or eight people worked on it and it was not in a, there was no possibility of completing it, we got a few computer prints, Vijayakumarji said, “This cannot be released let us simply shelve the program.” That was because the cutting etc. were not done properly. Then we decided to release it today so we got a few more days. And then I went to Trivandrum. I always used to say I would like to see the final copy at least once. But I could not because the days were not there and they had to give it. Then only it will be available.

So ‘Z’ was telling me, but I had told some important elements in the magazine. Say whenever you give the name of an author of an article now put it always touching the right side margin. It was not. So I told. I told that it should be. Now yesterday when I was given a copy I find many of them are inconsistent. Some are close to the margin, some are away from the margin. This is not so much a correction of a spelling mistake. See anybody who opens the page should know I have specially told not once, but many times. So after I saw it I was wondering what is happening to our people? Why is it that it is not striking them? What is the trouble? Is it an eye trouble or a mind trouble or carelessness, what is that?

Now the point that I want to convey to you is that it is so much intensely in my mind I am wondering whether you take matters with such intensity in your mind. Be very clear that the mind is the source of all actions. Mind! Mind! Mind! Mind! Mind! Mind alone! The correction is not in the hand, it is not in the eyes, it is in the mind. So I was telling ‘Z’ that you are a very self-centred girl. And she was asking me why do you call me so? I had told her that at least forget about other things, this particular item how could she have missed? Now after having missed I don’t know whether she is sufficiently concerned about it in her mind so that the corrections and attentions are incorporated in the system. The same applies to ‘Y’. We had made an announcement without giving time.

So I used to tell Z, “Z, whenever you do anything, show it to somebody.” I don’t think that in this case she should have shown it to somebody.  If I were in her position before giving the final touch I would have taken, gone in a vehicle to Trichur, got the assistance of Anita or Indira or Gita , see I have done this, please have a glance at it. I would have gone there and shown it to them. So unless the feelings are there to bring about the necessary corrections and improvements which are a mind process I don’t think anybody can improve. Wherefrom will you get efficiency? Wherefrom will you get intelligence? Wherefrom will you get attention? Because you have to feel for it. Attention is not a derivative or epithet of the body. Maybe your body is flexible some skillfulness is there by virtue of practice.

A cricketer in order to strike the ball in the manner he wants to, you know how many times he practices, he practices, tirelessly, without any shame, without any reluctance? Bradman seems to have been hitting the ball against the wall thousands and tens of thousands of times so that the ball will go and hit at the same point in the wall and come back to his bat. Except this attention and by so doing was he training his hand? Or was he training his mind? My dear souls, mind is the cause of everything. The intensity with which the matter is there you know what I am concerned with, why is it that Z was not able to do it? What went wrong? What was the lacking factor in her by virtue of which this simple thing, take it close to the margin. Now the moment she opens the page she must be able to see that it is away from the margin. And why not this consistency be maintained? Now what is it that is lacking in her by virtue of which this simple matter is escaping or eluding her? Is it that people say we did not have time. Suppose you had one hour to do a change which requires half a second will it make any difference? I don’t think. I don’t think at all. See any matter that you prepare it is your own interest that you show it to somebody. See I have done it there maybe mistake please correct it. What is the harm? So that inclusiveness is not there. Inclusiveness is not there.

We had a Swamiji a Chota Swamiji I used to ask him, “Whatever you propose to do my dear Swamiji why don’t you tell others, discuss it with them, get their approval and consent and then do it? You will be joyous and you will be confirmed.” But this boy never had that trait. I think it is a question of insistence which one should have and also a sense of inclusiveness or comprehensiveness. This is lacking. Maybe some other cause, it is for her as well as for everybody to go into it. So the matter is so actively in my mind, in what manner? What shall I do to make them more attentive to these things? Where has been the missing link? What is that gap? How to bridge it? This is what I am thinking. Whatever is gone is gone. If you leave it to me I would like to make independent ink corrections where matters are very serious. I have seen it in Gita Press. Whatever book they produce they will make corrections with ink after printing. Even then without mistake the books will be printed. Should we not be aiming at that kind of a perfection or that kind of an exclusiveness? I am wondering.

Now the point of sadhana for all of you from what I say is that my dear souls you are not spending the mind-hours on whatever is to be done. Mind hours. Mind hours. Mind hours. A mistake is shown, we simply leave it. Why did it come? Unless you give your mind to it how can that correction be incorporated further in your system? Everything is the mind, it is not the body. When I was walking something did not strike me, is it the defect of my eyes? Certainly not. It is the lack of attention and sensibility in the mind. So how to bring about this mind involvement? That is where your introspection, intense introspection over whatever has taken place, why? See somehow you should interact with the subject mentally, mentally, mentally and exclusively. Mentally and exclusively. Mentally and exclusively. Don’t think that you should close in your eyes and sit in a room in order to do this introspection. It can be coupled with many of the physical activities you perform. That is why Yogavasishta Ramayana says

Gacchatastiṣṭatho vāpi jāgrataḥ swapatopi vā

Na vichāraparam cheto yasyāsau mrita ēva saḥ

Gachataḥ – while walking, tiṣṭataḥ – while sitting, jāgrataḥ – while being wakeful, Swapatopi vā – even while sleeping

Whose mind is not involved in vichāra, introspection, he is virtually a dead man, he says, Vasishta says.

So can you imagine how much of intensity, astuteness, astuteness, one must have in the matter of giving our mind to a subject? Whether it is one of acquisition, deletion, correction, improvement or decoration that mind should be given. I don’t know whether it’s an art or whether it is a deliberate effort. It is for you to think and introspect over. However the subject will continue to occupy in my mind unless until I get a solution as to why such slips and errors are occurring with our people. It is as well my sadhana you can say. People are associated with me and Ma always says that what is wrong with us? Are we not able to train and help these people properly? Why is it so? What is the wrong? Ma always makes this enquiry, discusses it with me and others also. Okay, the message for you is that mind involvement, mind involvement, mind involvement, mind correction, mind, mind-hours. This is what is required for anything.

Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru. Jai Guru.

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