"It is not what you do that matters, but how you do it – with what attitude and aim. The spiritual effect that a seemingly spiritual activity brings, can also be had by the domestic pursuit, provided you preserve a spiritual attitude and dedication."

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Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha


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A spiritual sādhaka will be cautious not to engage in fascination in the way of ‘divine miracles’. The real spiritual sādhanā is to become master of the world by becoming master of our own mind and intelligence. “Master of the world” does not mean that we shall be able to move the world as we wish. It means that whatever be the world situation, we shall not be affected or subdued by it. Desires make us slave to the world – slave to the objective situation, wealth, comfort, fame, position, etc. So, “master of the world” means “free of worldly desires(rāga-dvesha)”. Such a person will have unimaginable confidence, poise and self-sufficiency.

So, true spiritual pursuit is to look within and make the mind and intelligence pure, i.e. free of worldly desires. Any power – natural or unnatural – will not be able to attract him.

As such we are slave to so many common things of the world; will not attraction to miracles subdue us further by making us slave to some unnatural desires or powers? Are not natural phenomena themselves enough mind-boggling? Is not the universe a great miracle? What about the functioning of our own being? Is not our life the greatest miracle? Do we need additional miracles to get further deluded?

Whenever any perceived event cannot be explained by our usual material causality, we call it a miracle. Because we are not aware of the various potentials and powers of the mind, and the causality operating in the subtle levels, many phenomena appear to be miraculous.

When you sit humbly near a true Saint, your mind becomes blissfully calm. The mind, which could never experience peace in so many years, suddenly becomes absolutely peaceful just by coming near a person! Is it not miraculous? But it is such a common experience we find. Here it is a “natural influence” of one mind on another. Because there is no visible gross effect, we ignore such experiences.

In fact, mind is a direct expression of the Self, the Consciousness or Brahman, which is the “Source” of the universe. Its unlimited potential and power are “natural” in its realm; not really miraculous. Because of our lack of knowledge and experience in this field we think them to be miraculous. Spiritual pursuit makes the mind tremendously powerful. Often it opens up the treasure of unknown realms within, which may distract the seeker from his true path. Hence the caution!

Now, coming to the various experiences of “Divine help” or “miraculous appearance of some person” etc., We should remember that they too are display of the power of our mind, particularly when it is one-pointed. Episodes of the Guru appearing before the disciple to fulfil the disciple’s strong wish, is quite common. It is the “intensity” and “one-pointed-ness” of the devotee’s mind that creates the “miracle”. The Guru doesn’t move bodily from his place.

A true miracle is one, in which a personality (divine, human or animal) or external situation or object appears for fulfilling a certain purpose, fulfils its purpose, and vanishes or goes, without interfering with the gross material causality. Well, it does change the course of life and the world, but only by working through the mind of the person who perceives the “miracle”. Normally, a "spiritually materialized" object should not become a stable gross object in the world by violating material causality.

There are innumerable subtle experiences a true spiritual seeker comes across. A knowledge-oriented seeker regards them all as “subtle but natural”. But, there are a lot of delusions too ruling the field of so-called spirituality. The reports we hear cannot always be taken as such – they are partial, coloured by our imagination and wishful thinking.

In fact, if we are in tune with the fundamental comprehensive law of Nature, if we are in tune with the Infinite – which means we are free of selfish desires – then many events in life may appear to be miraculous. Looking back, the entire course may appear to be guided by the Divine. Truly speaking, that is not “miraculous”, that is “most natural”. It is our ignorance of the comprehensive reality that makes us think otherwise. The doubts vanish only when we come to realize our true identity.

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