“The paths leading man to god or Truth are said to be many. I will speak only of the shortest. It is to recognize God as the Self in you and then to find Him out. What is the distance then between you and God, between you and yourself? Ah, there is no distance at all, a full Zero! Yet, how dare you say to find God and Truth is hard?’’ 

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Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru. Jai Guru.

The devotional life or spiritual life will become meaningful and also advanced only when you apply the knowledge to your own mind and its functions. Mind remembers. It also thinks in a very current manner - about the environments, about the surrounding factors, about itself, the person. I generally say persons, places and events are the three factors with which the individual interacts. All these are remembered by the mind. But the mind should have some independent function as a result of which it develops whatever qualities it wants. This portion is neglected by people. Any knowledge that you gain, any practice that you are doing, always relate them to your own mind and the benefits the mind receives.

Two young boys, I believe, came to the ashram. I don’t know whether they came through the parents, but they feel that this kind of a discussion, spiritual wisdom is very beneficial to them. It has made them introspective. The power of introspection has grown tremendously. Now what they have to do now or gain further is, whatever they have gained in the way of exposure, knowledge, they have to apply it to the mind. What is meant by mental application or application to the mind? That is also discussed in our scriptures.

How will a jeevanmukta, a knower of truth live and move in this world without adversely hitting or affecting his spiritual awareness? Unless your mind focuses on this point, “How is it to be applied to me, applied to me, applied to me?” Until that question and examination and closeness arise in your mind, I don’t think the sadhana will improve or you will evolve. The entire sastras we have like Upanishads, Bhagavat Gita, Prakarana Granthas, all of them are meant to make you introspect. I will recite a sloka from the Upanishad.

न चक्षुषा गृह्यते नापि वाचा नान्यैर्देवैस्तपसा कर्मणा वा।
ज्ञानप्रसादेन विशुद्धसत्त्वस्ततस्तु तं पश्यते निष्कलं ध्यायमानः ॥
na cakṣuṣā gṛhyate nāpi vācā nānyairdevaistapasā karmaṇa vā |
jñānaprasādena viśuddhasattvastatastu taṁ paśyate niṣkalaṁ dhyāyamānaḥ ||

I told you that I have not learned these Upanishads from anybody. So, I have no occasion to think how it is taught and whether the teaching is all right or not. You know, once I read this verse,

न चक्षुषा गृह्यते नापि वाचा नान्यैर्देवैस्तपसा कर्मणा वा।

This Self which is in you, the Self is already present in you.

न चक्षुषा गृह्यते - you cannot perceive or see it with the eyes.

नापि वाचा - nor can you reach and explain with your mouth.

नान्यैर्देवैः - the other senses also cannot reveal the Self. All the senses look at and reveal external things. But this is an indwelling presence. So the senses are powerless there. 

तपसा कर्मणा वा - by taking to hardcore austerities. See, all the sensory activities and interactions are useless in the matter of perceiving the self. Then what can help? 

See, as you read it and understand it, it should evoke a parallel introspection in you. The Self is inside the body. So, where is the question of seeking it elsewhere? And there, you cannot get there to have the Self by न चक्षुषा गृह्यते नापि वाचा नान्यैर्देवैस्तपसा कर्मणा वा - by sheer austerities, तपस्य, कर्मणा वा , by doing many noble and benevolent activities, by all these, you cannot get the Self. Then what is the method? I don’t know whether you come along with me when I talk. 

ज्ञानप्रसादेन विशुद्धसत्त्वः - The mind and intelligence are within the body. They are not physical parts of the body. But they are associated with the body, that’s all. The entire body, its existence, the activities of its different limbs are totally empowered by the inner presence, the soul. So, He says, नान्यैर्देवैः तपसा कर्मणा वा - You cannot have it by a sensory activity, you cannot have it by a mental activity. Then what should help you? 

ज्ञानप्रसादेन विशुद्धसत्त्वः - These words should ring in your mind. ज्ञानप्रसादेन - By the favorableness of the wisdom that you have gained and you are gaining. Just like you are getting prasada from a temple after you offer your prayers, here also whatever knowledge that you gain, it is gained by the intelligence and the mind, it is kept and preserved by them and that knowledge must be applied on your own mind and intelligence.

When the wisdom that you have starts rubbing your mind, cleaning up your mind, cleaning up your intelligence, there will come a time when ततस्तु तं पश्यते निश्कलं ध्यायमानः - then you have to meditate. There will be no distraction or worldly interferences. Then what happens? You have to reflect upon the self as limbless. It has no part, it has no segment as gross things including our body have. So, you have to think of it as a part-less being. If your stay in your house becomes meaningful, that stay, that house which is meant to host your body but the body itself is hosting the soul. So remaining comfortable and protracted in your house, what you should do? Try to realize what is the inner presence in your body. If you don’t do it, our life becomes a waste. 

न चक्षुषा गृह्यते नापि वाचा नान्यैर्देवैस्तपसा कर्मणा वा।

ज्ञानप्रसादेन विशुद्धसत्त्वः

You become a विशुद्धसत्त्व. Ordinary people, suddha sattvas. And vishuddha sattvas. In the vishuddha sattva stage, ततस्तु तं पश्यते निश्कलं ध्यायमानः - You have to reflect upon the part-less presence, part-less presence. The earth can be holed and we can separate it. But can you separate water? Can you even scar the air? What to speak of ākāśa then? I think, in this way you should think, think, think, think, understand it is jñāna-prasāda and by that your being should become pure and when mind becomes pure, automatically joy, freedom, ecstasy, everything will be had. I don’t know how to make seekers understand this point. They should always learn, learn, learn. Initially it is learning, thereafter it is applying. Where to apply - in your own mind. What is learning? What is that which the mind and the intelligence do. So this one verse I read in the initial stage of my reading, spiritual reading.

न चक्षुषा गृह्यते नापि वाचा नान्यैर्देवैस्तपसा कर्मणा वा।

ज्ञानप्रसादेन विशुद्धसत्त्वस्ततस्तु तं पश्यते निष्कलं ध्यायमानः ॥

I don’t know whether you understand the message. This poetry will enable you to learn and remember and then recapitulate also. The prose cannot be done in that manner. I was looking for a word in one of the lines of a poetry.

श्रियाश्लिष्टो विष्णुः स्थिरचरगुरुर्वेदविषयो
धियां साक्षी शुद्धो हरिरसुरहन्ताब्जनयनः ।
गदी शङ्खी चक्री विमलवनमाली स्थिररुचिः
śriyāśliṣto vishnuḥ sthira-chara-gurur-veda-vishayo
dhiyām sākshī śuddho harir-asura-hantābja-nayanaḥ |
gadī sankhī chakrī vimala-vanamālī sthira-ruchiḥ
(Srikrishnashtakam 1)

Then I could not get. मम भवतु कृष्णोऽक्षिविषयः- That I got. You know I was hunting, hunting, hunting and at one point,

शरण्यो लोकेशो मम भवतु कृष्णोऽक्षिविषयः ॥ १॥
śaraṇyo lokeśo mama bhavatu krishṇokshi-vishayaḥ

See, this first two words, as they were missing, so I got them also. Because it is poetry, because no other word will fit in. It must have a meter, a particular combinational sequence. So that enables you to remember as well as to recall.

So unless you learn a few poems, a few verses where what are you will be defined, what is the world will be defined, what is living will be defined, what is the goal, what is the self, everything will be defined and you will be told ‘This is how one becomes a Knower, he becomes a man liberated in life”, everything is there. And you have to read them, by heart them, remember them, sing them to yourself alone, alone, alone. You know, tremendous purity it brings about. What is purity? It is becoming better and better, better and better. When is your mind the purest? When it always generates happiness, happiness, lightness, luminosity, brilliance. That is called purity. Who will not like it? So how to drive home this point to you?

Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru. Jai Guru.

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